Surrey Ruby User Group RTanque

September 04, 2013

By John Beynon

Something else I do is manage the Surrey Ruby User Group. We're a little way out of London but working at Kyan I have good access to people willing to give presentations - we don't attract numbers like the London Ruby User Group but we're slowly growing and meeting regularly at the moment every 2 months or there abouts.

However, lastnight was slightly different. We played RTanque. RTanque is a game for Rubyists built using the Gosu 2D library to get a top down view on the action.

The idea is simple. Destory the other tanks! You build a tank in Ruby, you have access to sensors (radar) and can control the direction of your tank and turret, speed of movement etc - it's great fun and everyone had a great time, we held an elimation tournament to start with before loading all the bots into a single arena for a death match.

Take a watch of the DeathMatch on YouTube.