Notes from the field #2

November 20, 2011

By John Beynon

Not long till Christmas, 35 days in fact.

Inaugral Heroku UK user group - Starring myself of course, for Heroku nuby's - not seasoned pro's. I won't be showing ANY code fingers crossed.

A great deep dive into writting Hubot Scripts - We recently implemented our own Hubot at Kyan - he's a lot of fun...and not much use (at the moment)

A neat approach to local development Heroku ENV variables from Engine Yards VP of Engineering! - Been looking for a good solution to this for a while, this seems like a REALLY nice approach if you couple it with a herokuenvsample.rb file which you DO checkin to source control.

Implementing authorship on Google - Get your pretty face showing up on Google search results.