All Change!

November 08, 2011

By John Beynon

Right then, time for a change.

I've been in a dilema for quite some while now. I haven't blogged in ages - my blogging output has been declining since the whole 'social media' revolution started. I've been stuck between just adopting Google+ as a way consolidating thoughts, notes etc but there's no RSS feed and after the initial high take up of Google+ it's taking a while to build up again.

So here I am, a new clean blog. I'm going to start entirely fresh so I'm leaving all my oldcontent where it was on Posterous and move forward here. I hope you'll join me - things have changed quite a bit since my prolific blogging days, I now only use Ruby on Rails and as much as I can deploy to heroku so there won't be any talk (except to mention) ColdFusion or Fusebox etc. It's going to be all Ruby on Rails, Heroku, probably a bit of Apple and Android thrown in for good measure and perhaps the occasional rant.